Calls for creation

Bordure des bois (Edge of the woods)

Diane de Bournazel, 3rd Prize – 2013 Call for contemporary creation
Dimension 180 cm x 31,5 cm

An intimate work, in which tapestry and illumination.

Diane de Bournazel mostly works on a small scale. Her works stand out by a very intimate, muted approach. At once painter, illustrator, plastic artist and engraver, she carries out illustrating activities in youth publishing but devotes herself essentially to the realization of unique painted and cut books. Her artistic books are small precious objects, filled with lyricism and poetry. In that, the transposal of her work into the tapestry medium is interesting in several ways. It is both a game of scales for the dimensions and a game of mirrors for the narrative aspect of the work. Indeed, Diane de Bournazel’s drawings end the illuminations are combined with the primitive art and culture, merging diverse cultures, notably eastern and pre-Colombian. The tapestry Bordure des bois has been woven by the Atelier A2 in 2014.

Diane de Bournazel lives and works in Corrèze. Added to her illustrating and illuminating activities, she takes part in volumes of contemporary poetry. Her work features many public and private collections in France and abroad and she exposed in Paris, Marseille, London and Marrakech.