Calls for creation

Deux parterres, un reflet (Two flowerbeds, one reflection)

Jane Harris, 4th Prize – 2013 Call for contemporary creation
Dimensions: 84 cm x 105 cm

For the 2013 edition of the call for contemporary creation of the Cité internationale, Jane Harris proposed a five-colored project retaking the forms, with which she is used to work.

After art studies at the Goldsmith College of London University, Jane Harris centered her work on a research on the subject of the gardens. She benefited, to see her works through to the end, from a grant in Japan, then in France, where she studied successively the traditional Japanese gardens and the classical French gardens.

Her artistic practice, sometimes qualified as “rococo-minimalist”, structures around curvy, rounded, oval forms, in a play on reflection and mirror. For the call for projects “Les nouvelles verdures d’Aubusson” (the new greeneries of Aubusson), her approach of the tapestry is based on uniformed colors and works on symmetry. She aims to work on the volume to emboss the design of the woven work. The weaving was entrusted to Patrick Guillot’s workshop in Aubusson (2015).

Painter-artist from English origins, Jane Harris lives and works in Dordogne. After graduating the Beaux-Arts at the Goldsmith College of the University of London, she then teaches there for 15 years. Her works integrated amongst others the collections of the FRAC (Aquitaine and Limousin) and the Art Collection of the British government. In 2011, she was an artist-in-residence at the Josef Albers Foundation (Connecticut, USA).