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Libramen forma

Libramen Forma, Prisca Vilsbol and Dagmar Kestner, 2nd Prize 2015 “Aubusson weaves fashion”

For their project Libramen Forma, Prisca Vilsbol and Dagmar Kestner founded their thinking on the passage of the 2-D tapestry into the volume of a 3-D garment. Thus, it is a statuesque dress, which they are providing.

They also aimed to overcome the stiffness of the tapestry material to draw a flowing garment. The two designers chose to create an impression of volume thanks to a fold of fabric in trompe l’oeil style. Thus, even though the garment has a straight-cut, forms emanate from it.

The weaving was realized by the Atelier Françoise Vernaudon. The designers proceed to the assembly of the dress in their studio in Copenhagen.

Prisca Vilsbol is French and Danish, Dagmar Kestner is German and Romanian. They are both fashion designer.