Calls for creation

Nouvelles verdures d’Aubusson (New greeneries of Aubusson)

Quentin Vaulot and Goliath Dyèvre, First Prize – 2013 call for contemporary creation

For the 2013 edition of the Cité’s call for contemporary creation, it is a designer duo which won the Great Prize. Their project binds tapestry and ceramics, in a hanging of five pieces. Dimensions of each tapestry: 180 cm high x 72 cm large.

Quentin Vaulot and Goliath Dyèvre adopted a science-fictional position to underline the fact that the greeneries of Aubusson are a mutant heritage. Their work is an assembly of five tapestries, introduced as the completion of biological-police related inquiry. Following the history conveyed par these tapestries, a mad scientist, in his secret lab, succeeded in transforming textile greeneries to produce new essences. This hanging is the scientific explanation of the experiences carried by a mysterious lab. The five tapestries correspond to five protocols in re-strengthening the greeneries, aiming to generate greeneries to make them more resistant to contemporary climate issues.

Thus, the five tapestries which compose this hanging develop each one of them, a protocol of new greeneries’ genetical manipulation showcased by the porcelain elements. These protocols consist in the isolation, the injection, the breeding, the luminous and sound exposal. These diverse protocols allow re-vivifying the colors of the greeneries element to give them a new shine. Study the greeneries through the biological prism allows then to question the contemporary relation to nature.

Entrusted to the Atelier de la Lune (Aubusson) in the 2014 autumn, the weaving of the hanging’s five pieces demanded two years of work. The weaver Nadia Petkovic led many scientific researches, both to reproduce areas from ancient tapestries and to vivify to the most the finishing sewing work once the porcelain elements are finished and the hanging systems are set on the tapestries.

Goliath Dyèvre (born in 1980) and Quentin Vaulot (born in 1983) live and work in Paris since 2009. Artists and designers, they were edited by Cinna, Petite Friture, Non sans Raison. They collaborated notably with the CRAFT in Limoges, Hermès, EDF and the National Monuments Center. They were exposed at the Vitra Design Museum and the Power Station of Art in Shanghai and were residents of the Villa Kujoyama in 2014. Nowadays, they continue their activities in separate ways.