Calls for creation

Teddy, by Christine Phung

Christine Phung won the Cité’s Grand Prize 2015 for her “glitched” Teddy jacket

The creator chooses an iconic sportswear piece: the teddy jacket. She adds a clutch with it.

Taking inspiration from digital aesthetics, Christine Phung develops collections for the Y generation. She imagined a “glitch” motive that is coming from screen errors resulting from electronic failures. Willfully blurry, the motif gives an impression of movement. Christine Phung then plays with the poetical sense which can be given to an immediate mistake.

The pattern has been imagined so as the weaving, done flat, takes then a 3-D form thanks to the side sewing and above the sleeves. The weaving was entrusted to the Atelier Catherine Bernet (Felletin) and the piece fall from the loom on June 13th, 2018. Christine Phung then proceeds to the assembly with a sewing workshop.

Christine Phung, fashion designer in charge of her own brand since 2011, was named laureate notably of the ANDAM Fashion awards in 2013, category “First Collection”, which has opened to her the Parisian Fashion Week’s calendar. She took the lead of Leonard Paris’ artistic Direction in the beginning of 2016.