Research and innovation

Reweaving ancient tapestries

The Cité has launched a project mixing heritage and innovation : the digitalisation in ultra high definition of the tapestry La Fée des Bois ("The Fairy Wood"), woven in 1909 by the Manufacture Croc-Jorrand, is being analysed for an identical reweaving, on demand of a collector. This will be the first trial for a project of experimental reweavings. Digitalisation has been made by Italian firm by Haltadefinizione.

This ultra high resolution digitalization will open an original exhibition area, as an introduction to the section "The Hands of Aubusson". The visitor will immerse himself into the images of the weaving to the nearest pixel, to prepare his discovery of the technical aspects of tapestry. 

The Cité's media library online is gradually added with ultra-high definition images of tapestries : the "gigapixel viewer".

The research program and the digitisation are supported by European Union (LEADER).